1. Paul

    We really enjoyed staying at Nomad….loved the castaway feel, and the animals all around (eels in the kitchen lizards out back….and dippy dogs). We are going back again, before sterling becomes completely worthless…
    Then 2018 probably the Dutch Antilles (Bonaire) easy shore diving….over 90 well marked dives….and as many dives as you want to do every day! And in between diving there are all the birds, lizards, bats and other wildlife to look at…never a dull moment.

    • inge

      I see you have big plans, too. Unfortunately my list grows longer and longer…I’ve heard good things about diving the Solomons, and Oman (Humpback Whales!) For those two, I will have to consider spending even more money for a shared cabin on a liveaboard, respectively.

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