1. randy


    really nice 🙂 seems like you really enjoy your trip.
    greetings from southern munich, was raining the whole day yesterday (and no fun in munich at carnival), but at least today is “meteorologischer fruehlingsanfang” 😉

    — randy

    • inge

      Hi Randy,

      I do hope spring is coming to Germany now… the cats will enjoy it;) Over here, we spent the last few days looking at Buddhist temples at 35C… almost a bit too much. Evenings were nice, though.

    • inge

      Hi Patrick,

      nice to hear from you! I had a look at your blog, and your photos are great! I fully agree to what you are saying about Xmas – it is a friendly and amazing place, and I will return there in December.

      I’m currently in Yogyakarta, a stopover on my way home. I’m overdue to update my blog, but I need a lot of bandwith to create the entries for Raja Ampat – I have so many photos and videos to upload…

      Currents at Xmas are nothing, compared to what I encountered at some Raja Ampat dive sites. You need a reef hook there to tether yourself to the reef lest you get swept away while you’re looking at something. There is a dive site called ‘The Passage’ where you just fly through with the current and just try not to hit the rocks. It is an amazing and beautiful place.

      Btw – the music underlying my Xmas diving video is, sadly, just an iPad default tune. I would have liked to add my own music choice, but it wasn’t possible with the apps I’m using from abroad.

      Wait for the Raja Ampat vids 😉

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